Your mindset is your biggest key to success. It can propel you forward or hold you back.

Do you remember from our childhood the little engine that could? She was a little blue engine and she was tasked with taking a large load, much larger than she was, up a steep hill she had never climbed. Others doubted she could do it, she even looked at the hill with trepidation. However, she didn’t let her feelings control her. Instead, she started chanting out loud, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

As she climbed the mountain, she kept sliding backwards, but she never gave up. She kept telling herself out loud, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” And guess what, she eventually did what was deemed impossible, that engines much larger than her struggled with but she did with pure determination and by believing in herself.

Do you think she would have made it if she didn’t believe in herself? I sure don’t think she would have. Do you believe in yourself, even if the odds are against you or you weren’t successful the first time you tried?

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Don’t give up. Instead, start telling yourself, I’ve got this, I can do this. Will it be challenging? Probably. But no challenge is too difficult for you. You can push through even when it is difficult and the end is nowhere in sight. You can do difficult things. Think back to something in the past that you accomplished. Was it always easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes. We are created to do difficult and challenging things. It’s in the difficulty that we grow and make progress. We grow and improve when we push ourselves beyond our current capabilities. However, it all starts with having the right mindset.

You can do it. Decide that you will do it no matter how you feel about it. You are committed to the process because you are determined to get the result. It will be challenging, but no challenge is too difficult for you. Push through even when it is difficult and the end is nowhere in sight.

Your battle is never won overnight. It is won in the small commitments you make and do each day. Decide, commit and just do it (remember Nike?).

Commit each day to being your best self. You deserve the best and so does your family, your career, your finances. How do we do this? Take a few moments as soon as you wake up and before you get distracted with what you have to do for work or others…decide what is the one thing (or few things) I can do today that will move me closer to my health goals?

Decide and commit to doing it without regards to how you feel about it. Some days, you may feel like doing it, others days you won’t. It doesn’t matter, you will do it anyways because you have committed to taking care of yourself today and every day. Because the truth is you can do hard things and you deserve to live your best life and this starts with choosing you and your health first.

Healthy LIving

This is about putting you first. Why? Because we can only give away what we have. We must give to ourselves first before we can help others. What does the flight attendant say to do if there is an emergency and your air mask drops? Put your mask on first before helping your child or neighbor. It’s not about being selfish. It’s actually about being self-less. When we take care of ourselves, we can show up in a bigger way for others. We can help and inspire them to live their best life. Now take on the challenge because your best life is waiting for you.
Share with us, what challenge are you ready to take on?

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