It’s hard to believe the 4th of July is only one week away! It’s a day to celebrate our independence, give thanks to all those who have served and are serving to keep our families and our country safe. We have so many things to be thankful for, our family, our jobs, food on our plates and freedom!

If you’re like me and a planner, you’re already thinking and even getting excited about what you will prepare for everyone. Some of my fav memories growing up are gathering and sharing a meal together with my extended family. I know this 4th of July may look a little different for many of us but that’s ok, we can still choose to enjoy it, have fun and hang out with our loved ones.

Just for this special occasion, I’ve put together my top 15 (plus 1 bonus) of my favorite grilling recipes that are family-friendly, oh so good and even good for us. It’s a treat that will move you one step closer to your health goal instead of one step back.

1. Barbecue Chicken 

This barbecue chicken has its own special ingredient, the barbecue sauce! It’s still sweet and savory but has 1/4 the amount of sugar of most barbecue sauces and is so easy to make.

2. Grilled Mediterranean Kebobs

Kebobs are a fun way to fit your veggies into every bite. Feel free to mix up the protein such as shrimp or lean beef and try different veggies such as zucchini, eggplant and squash.

3. Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

Tomatoes are in season which means they are extra sweet and delicious. That’s why this recipe is one of my favs for summertime grilling. Don’t skimp on the fresh basil, it is well worth the chopping!

4. Grilled Shrimp Salad

I love this salad when I’m wanting something lighter and refreshing in the hot summer months, especially when at the beach or outside all day. Feel free to mix up the protein and the veggies such as hearts of palm, olives, cucumber or sliced zucchini.

5. Summer Romaine Salad with Grilled Tofu

This is a quick and easy salad that uses as plant-based protein such as tofu. I love this salad and often mix it up with different plant-based proteins such as tempeh, chickpeas or edamame.

6. Grilled Caesar Salad

Have you ever tried grilling romaine lettuce before? If not, you are in for a real treat, it gives this salad a delicious and unique taste that will have you coming back for more.

7. Barbecued Baked Beans

What would a Texas barbecue be like without the barbecued beans? I’ve lightened up the traditional recipe so it has less sugar but all the flavor you are used to. I think this will be your new fav.

8. Grilled Potato Salad

This is taking potato salad to the next level. It uses healthy Greek yogurt instead of mayo to cut back on the calories. It’s a real treat everyone will enjoy.

9. Grilled Steak with Thyme Roasted Root Vegetables

If you’re pulling out the steaks, give this recipe a try with lean meat and balance it out with roasted root vegetables that are filling and satisfying.

10. Grilled Corn, Nectarine and Quinoa Salad

I love that this recipe brings together vegetables such as corn on the cob and fruits such as nectarines that are in season which means you can find them local and full of flavor. This makes a great side or vegetarian main dish.

11. Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Avocado Chimichurri Sauce

You don’t want to skip the recipe, it is one of my favs to serve as a side dish (I just cut the cauliflower up into bite sized pieces once it’s cooked) or as a vegetarian main dish.

12. Grilled Asparagus

The recipe can’t get any more simple but it is a crowd pleaser, there is something about grilled asparagus you just can’t beat! The outside gets a little browned and caramelized while the inside is still tender. I like cooking these last so that I can serve them nice and hot.

13. Berry Delicious Popsicles

What better way to beat the summer heat than with these fruit-packed berry popsicles that kids and adults enjoy.

14. Grilled Fruit with Coconut Whipping Cream

Have you ever tried grilled fruit? If not, you’re in for a real treat. Grilled fruit served warm gets even sweeter and a little softer. Mix it up, some of my favs are strawberries, peaches and pineapple.

15. Easy Peach Crumble

Enjoy this lower sugar fruit packed dessert with your whole family. I like putting this in the oven right before everything is done and serving it warm, maybe with a little coconut whipping cream, YUM!

Did you make this? I would love to know if you loved it and share you pic with a shout out to @livingupwellness and tag #livingupwellness.


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Created By Jill Roberts, MCN, RCN, LD


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