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Living Up Wellness is a medical and wellness private practice specializing in pediatrics, family and adult nutrition. Through personalized, one-on-one consultations, we help people Live Up to their best health and happiness by finding the balance of nutrition and fitness that works for their unique bodies. Book your free initial consultation to discuss your health goals, review our programs and determine the best solution for you.

Our Services

At Living Up Wellness we want to help you feel your best so you can live your best life. We specialize in pediatrics, adults and family nutrition from weight management to chronic diseases, we help you achieve your goals through our personalized health and wellness programs. Set up your initial free consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist today!


Individual Nutrition Services are offered to help with a variety of diet and nutrition issues that may be affecting you: weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, migraines, allergies, cancer, gastric by-pass surgery, eating disorders or healthy eating. We have dedicated dietitian nutritionists that tailor a nutrition program specific to you and your body’s needs so you can reach your health goals. If you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working, then let us help you today.

Family Nutrition

We focus on the whole family because a healthy family is a happy family. We access everyone’s health and provide tailored recommendations to help your child develop healthily and to help everyone live their best life. If getting your kids (or even you) to eat healthy or stay active is a struggle, let us help you today.

Meal Plans

Need a meal plan? We have an app for that.

  • No more guessing what you should eat. We provide a menu that is specifically created for you based on your nutritional needs determined by qualified dietitian nutritionists.
  • You’ll know exactly what to cook, order or buy. Your menu is optimized to minimize food waste and keep costs down..
  • Each week you receive a meal plan, grocery list (can order online or take to store), recipes and directions to make quick and easy meals that taste good too.
  • Each week, review your plan. Swap meals or skip meals as you see fit. We’ll recommend healthy swaps that meet your nutritional needs.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Should be Fun

It’s an opportunity to get creative, build memories and have quality time together. Nutrition matters at any age and what better gift to give yourself and your kids than learning how to cook nutritious and delicious meals that support your health and energy. Our cooking classes are a hands-on experience where everyone learns how to make tasty quick and easy food together in your home. Want a night out without the kids? Check out our adult cooking classes where we’ll make delicious meals without adding to your waistline. Contact us today to learn more about our private and group cooking classes.

Looking for kid-friendly meals? Grab my 7 Day Kid-Friendly Meal Plan complete with a grocery list, meal prep guide and recipes.

Download your free 7 Day Kid-Friendly Meal Plan

About Jill

I am passionate about positively impacting you and your family’s life through nutrition and fitness so everyone can enjoy amazing health at any age. I love working with the whole family to create sustainable lifestyle changes that leave flexibility to have fun and enjoy life rather than strive for perfection, which is never attainable.

As your registered dietitian nutritionist, I am your biggest fan and coach: I listen to you carefully and help you troubleshoot your challenges and navigate the world of contradictory health advice to determine what is best for you and your family.

You are not alone; together we explore your concerns and discover the tools you need for lasting change. Your personalized program will drastically improve your health and happiness. Book your free initial consultation now to see what Living Up Wellness can do for you.

Our Workshops and Cooking Classes

Creating opportunities for creativity, building memories and spending quality time together

Kid's Cooking Class

We offer private and group cooking classes for kids 4 years and older. These 50 minute cooking classes are fun, interactive and help children learn how to prepare and enjoy a balanced plate.

Adult Cooking Class

We offer private and group adult cooking classes where we’ll make delicious meals without adding to your waistline. These 1.5 hour cooking classes are fun and interactive while teaching you cooking techniques and how to create a balanced plate.



Jill is so knowledgeable about food and what should be eaten in certain health situations. I love that she takes a realistic approach to her coaching so it can fit into anyone’s lifestyle. One size does not fit all with Living Up Wellness. Go see her if you need help managing a diet for weight loss or medical reasons.

Becky Ford


It’s obvious meeting with Jill that she is truly passionate about what she does and it is what she was meant to do. I am so happy to have found someone who takes the time to get to know her patients and work with them on an individual basis. She cares about helping you become a healthier version of yourself, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Holly Young


Loved the kid’s cooking class I did! So much great information and it was super fun. My son loves cooking now!

Lacey Winter

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Easy Breakfast Oatmeal Bake

Easy Breakfast Oatmeal Bake

Mix up your breakfast with this super versatile breakfast bake topped with your fav fruit. It’s an easy, make-ahead breakfast that you can enjoy on busy weekday mornings.

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